Nazu boasts one of the country’s largest weaving setups. Recently, we upgraded our machinery by replacing 250 Shuttleless looms with 92 Air Jet Machines. This enhancement has significantly increased our production capacity to approximately 1.35 million meters of fabric per month. Our diverse range of high-quality fabrics includes:

  • T300 Satin & Stripe Satin
  • T200 Satin, Stripe Satin & Percale
  • Various cotton blends (100% cotton, Cotton rich & PC) in different thread counts such as 30×30/76×68, 30×30/76×56, 30×30/76×44, and 20×20/60×60
  • Cross Weave qualities in CVC & PC blends with yarn counts ranging from 50 Denier to 300 Denier
  • Duck & Twill Weaves
  • Flannel options ranging from 125 GSM to 180 GSM


Our newly developed stitching facility is at the forefront of technology, featuring state-of-the-art equipment to maximize efficiency and precision. The facility boasts the latest Smart M.R.T Quick Track System, along with cutting-edge Single Needle, Multi Needle, and Safety Machines. To ensure quality control, we have incorporated Metal Detector, Quilting, and Cutting Machines. With a remarkable daily capacity of 50,000 meters, our stitching facility enables us to meet high production demands while maintaining exceptional standards. This advanced setup positions us as a leader in the industry, delivering top-quality stitched products with unmatched efficiency.


Nazu International has forged strategic partnerships with renowned processing units situated in Karachi and Faisalabad. These units adhere strictly to the REACH and Oeko-Tex standards, guaranteeing compliance with environmental and safety regulations. The processing facility, through these partnerships, ensures the responsible and sustainable treatment of fabrics. By prioritizing environmental consciousness and safety, Nazu International's processing facility exemplifies its commitment to producing high-quality textiles in an ethical and environmentally-friendly manner.